Existing and not existing at the same time

I was in a point of my life to give up about being me, being free being Eliana… Before that I worked long and hard to be a model citizen, a perfect student and a well admired person…. Always thinking that If I reveal that I was trans, my end as a person will come along… always thinking that all the people that cared about me will just ignore my existence and forget the person I was.


I did not want to be mocked to be ashamed, also to shame and let my loved ones to be mocked…

People love to tear each other to shreds. I could not deal with that humiliation of being and then suddenly not being anymore… That is why I decided to be born again 15000 kilometres aways… In an Island that is not even recognised as country. A place that will understand my struggle of existing and not existing at the same time, Taiwan.

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