Sad news coming from Kenya

A young intersex Kenyan has died after several days in hospital, following an attack orchestrated by his own family.

Muhadh Ishmael died of blood loss on December 21. According to 76crimes he was neglected by doctors because he could not pay his hospital bill of 25,780 Ksh, or $260.

His body was not accepted by his family for burial and friends are currently organising funds for a proper funeral.

Ishmael was born in Malindi, a rural town about 70 miles north of the Kenyan capital, Mombasa. He was named Muhadh Hafswa Said, a female name, but instead chose a male nomiker based on his own identity.

According to interviews in hospital he gave before his death, he family never accepted his choice of gender. He was called a ‘curse’ upon the family and locked indoors.

After his parents died in 2014, Muhadh went into the custody of his uncle.

Before the attack itself, Muhadh walked in to his living room to find his uncle and four young men. His uncle told him to go away with the men on a ‘shopping trip’.

While in the car, the men told Muhadh they would kill him. Muhadh was drugged and woke up later in Arabuko Sokoke Forest, a national park north of Mombasa. He was lying in a pool of his own blood and his penis had been cut off.


He managed to make his way to a nearby Catholic church, where he was picked up by a stranger and delivered to Malindi District Hospital, and where he remained until his death.

Friends of Muhadh have not reported the incident to police for fear of being harassed themselves.

There is a fund set up of Muhadh’s funeral and a criminal investigation. Those interested in contributing should contact 76crimes at

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