Nemo’s secret

There is no right for anyone to take someone out of the closet.

But I am so sorry Nemo! I need you this time for educational purposes.


Gender in nature is amazing, colourful and diverse… And Nemo (the Clownfish) is just an example of this

Over 200 years ago, Biology was established as science in the context we know today, however, something that people need to know is that Biology as an observational science, has fallen in the bias of the understanding of its observer.

Nature  has been traditionally understood under a “hetero-centrist alpha male” optic… and has been forced to be like that with the intention to mirror the male alpha and patriarcal domination that rules our society.

Those unusual behaviours, which include cross gender, homosexual, and not social conforming behaviours since then have been labeled as not natural, using the sacred eye of that biased biology.

However, the time has passed, and science has been starting to open its eyes, and all those behaviours that were ignored for so long, are now becoming important not just to understand how diverse is the world and how diverse is the expression of life in the nature, but also is now allowing us to accept that as humans we also have the chance to be diverse, and that all those posibilites are also natural… Finally we can fight the traditional “that is not natural” just by  mirroring the beauty of the nature and the diversity of life in our world.

We have seen gay penguins parenting of orphan baby penguins, and the homosexuality and gender diversity has been reported and studied across all the nature in more than 3000 species (Elephants, Birds, Lions, and a big etc…)

The true colours of nature.

Intersexuality has been found I all species, however due to the statistical invisibility is not often seen (even in human’s is reported that intersex people represent less that 1% of the world population) So when, we see animals like the clownfish with a centered natural behaviour based on his/her intersexuality, we can appreciate the true colours of nature.

Clownfish is special, and not just for its intersexuality, almost all the species of animal have been found to have intersex, what is amazing is its apparent self driven will to cross from one to another gender, making it not just an intersex but also a transexual fish.

The clownfish act in this way in order to keep the continuity of the clownfish shoal.  The female is usually the one who mate with all the males and keep the offspring rate. When she dies, the oldest clownfish and largest male becomes eventually in  female.

Is beautiful and not just because is visible, but because we can see that nature has not rules in gender and in behaviour, nature is spontaneous, nature loves to explore all the possible ways, to be and to exist.


Now you know Nemo’s secret, so I hope you can be aware that nature is not squared, constrained in social determinations. Nature is full of options, full of ways, full of possibilities.

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