Hong Kong Government forcing me to live in misery and margination

Since I was sexually abused in Hong Kong airport, my life changed, my dignity was trampled and my life was destroyed, I lost my nationality, my passport, my identity, my scholarship in Taiwan, my family, my friends, the access to universal health care, (my hormonal treatment).

Everything just because of being “Eliana” for being a transgender woman, a third class citizen that in Hong Kong does not have any right, and is considered a disabled person, mentally ill and marginated person.


But was not enough for them to place me in this horrible situation, since I got trapped and I avoided the deportation to my country as an asylum seeker and then a refugee my situation became even worst, Hong Kong not only does not accept and recognize transgender people rights, but also does not recognize refugees and asylum seekers, even the ones under UN convention of 1951, so since then, I became also and Illegal resident in a very complicated limbo.

In Hong Kong as a stateless person, and as a refugee, I am not allowed to work, to study, and to have any economical activity I depend as a 5 years old children 100% on the Hong Kong Government aid, they provide about 300 USD to the ISS which is the private NGO who provide us about 150 USD in food each month and 150 USD for renting a place to live.

This ammount of money for surviving in one of the most expensive cities in the world is ridiculous, Hong Kong holds the most expensive house renting in the world and with 150 USD you can not rent even a Pig farm in the new territories close the Mainland China.

I don’t know for how long I am going to stay here, but my situation is becoming every time more and more complex, and being in detention as a criminal is consuming my life on the daily basis, I want to be free that is what I want, I need a fucking passport to leave this disgusting place!.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Government forcing me to live in misery and margination

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