Freedom is in your mind

This weekend after a long time in my detention place, I was able to be out and enjoy some of that freedom, that amazingly I didn’t know I had.

Val Crawford is one of the most important persons in my since I started my transition in Taiwan, she was not only my professor at Taipei Medical University, but she was also like my mom, a person always aware of my ups and downs, and someone who gave me a hand when I needed more.

After talking to her after a long time of no communication related to the limited communication elements I have in Hong Kong, I could contact here and I gave an update about how my life and my situations was going in Hong Kong, she became surprised since she saw how my living condition was unfair and degradating and she decided to come a give peace, help, love and also she came to open my mind and show me that Hong Kong is not a big jail as I use to think, that there is a big unknown part of hong Kong that I need to see. She told me, freedom is in your mind, don’t keep your mind in that mode, you are free.

And yes, those days with her I could experience the freedom, we had a wonderful and beautiful time, I ate as I never did since I’ve been in Hong Kong, and we were to many places I never been  like the dry market, the Queens Road in Hong Kong Island and finally the Island of Cheung Chau 長洲 a place in where I could find another hong kong, a peacefully one, a place in where we could reach the beach, write in the sand, tell stories and open our hearts.

Love you Val, thank you for bringing Taiwan to me and thank for all the support and aid you have been constantly providing. G-d bless you sweet Val, I promise you, I will keep my mind busy, I will write about “Hong Kong life and other people stories” and stop the self-exile in where my mind has fallen.

Hope to meet you soon in my Asylum Country.


This picture was taken when we were eating a wonderful set of Chinese and and South Asian Food. Val is not a person who likes to appear in pictures 😀

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