Aid for Eliana is coming

Since I’ve been here in Hong Kong, I’ve been having a lot of donations from persons with a big heart. Donations coming from all over the world.

From Singapur I got a wonderful donation of Estrofem.

From Spain I got Pajamas, also a sweet totoro blanket, and many other things (my love).

From Mexico I got some money donations, and underwear, including panties and bra.

From Taiwan I got money donations (Taipei Medical University, FSIT), and others, also, bedding and toiletry.

From Vanuatu I got one month of medication.

From United States I got some medication and the Chebu-Rainbow and Clothing.

From Colombia I got money donations.

From Hong Kong, I got a lot of stuff, including the UN weekly food, also a Shelter (In the picture) in Rainbow of Hong Kong, ROHK gave me more than material things, they gave me a family, from Christian action I got some coats, pants, and shirts for winter, Abby and Betty provided me a beautiful blanket and some toiletry, the sisters in Hong Kong gave shoes, Natali, Springs (Matisse) 9moon and a big etc… wow :’) a lot of people that gave me a lot of stuff, I can not even count.






to be continued.

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