The worst of the nightmares became true.

I will explain what actually hapened to me in Hong Kong, Im not able to use a poetic way to explain my situation, my hearth now is broken and the story is long, and also behind that,  Im going to omit previous details about my self, including my transition, and the problems I had before in Taiwan with my hormone therapy and money issues.

As we know in Taiwan, in August the authorities of Immigration asked me to change my passport due that the appearance I had in my passport was different because at that time I was already 1 year in my hormone therapy, so after that request they actually were asking me to me to move to Colombia to issue a new passport as long as they were not able to issue a new visa for me.


Was Taiwan, that cocoon where I could finally be my self.

My nightmare started that day, because one of the most important and real reasons why I was in Taiwan was because I was running away from the violence against transgender women that is comun and also quite concerning in my country one of the most unsafest places in the world for people like me. According with the UN and OMCT.


After several movements, some calls to NGO organizations in Colombia, and the help of Elsa Hsi and my Mike Chen in TMU, I finally found the way to save my stay in Taiwan, but anyway my passport for them was a big issue, even for the renewal of the second year of scholarship.


So It was actually urgent to issue a new passport with my new appearance, the Taiwan officers were actually asking to change also my gender, but It was clear that in my country nobody is going to do that, so finally, the photo and maybe the name would be enough by that moment.

I called the consulate of Colombia in Hong Kong, I explained them my situationn but finally they never answer me, they don’t have a way to help, and contacting the officials of colombia, there was not a way to solve my problem so I was by this actions becoming an a stateless person ,because in my case I was in a country which colombia doesn’t have relationships.

I tried to ask for russian nationality, but it was clear that after several attempts to get the embassy of Russian Federation in Beijing, the Russian Federation officers said that is not possible to give the nationality to a transgender person.

It was about to start the new semester in TMU so I found the need to have my passport in order because I had to sign again my scholarship documentation and with a passport is invalid the process would not be done.

So I was calling and calling to several organization to ask help, including the human rights organization in Taipei which was not useful at all, as long as they let me know that because they are a not recognized country they don’t have tools to act or make interventions in my case.

I started again my contact with the embassy of Colombia in Hong Kong, and I told them that actually my case and my issue was only possible to solve for them, but the only answer I get from them is that they could sent me a paper telling to the officers in airports that my passport is valid, even thought the picture of the person looks so different and even more the gender.

In my case this was not a right solution, because when you travel those papers are useless, and is actually the passport that should be in order and right,


Because that reason Taiwan allow me to leave Taiwan, accepting my passport, without stamping my passport, just in order to accept me again once I got a new passport, so I urgently moved to Hong Kong to issue my new passport, and save my nationality which was clearly rejected.

I went to Hong Kong without to much money, and without any booking for hotel or hostal, in my mind I was facing the reality of sleeping during my stay at the airport or even the street, I actually didn’t care as long as I could solve my issue with my nationality.

Once I went to Hong Kong, the worst of the nightmares started in the immigration office.

Once I cross for the Immigration Section at the airport, the officers saw that my picture was not matching with me, so they started to laugh about my situation, and with their attitude I understood that once they took me to the documentation office, the hard times were coming and I started to imagine the worst of the worlds.

At 10 am They took me to that first office which is an office where a officer examine your case, and then he decide whether you can enter to Hong Kong or not, after 40 minutes talking to them that the reason I went to hong kong is because I wanted to issue my new passport, because I was about to start classes, and also I needed to renew my Taiwanese govement’s scholarship and have an Identity but also a passport.

The officer who was unfriendly with me at the beginning was all the time managing me without any respect, the officers in that office were all the time staring my passport, and then looking at me and laughing about my look, even, when I was crying, and my face was showing the worst of the pains, they were having fun with my situation, after several hours in that documentation office, the officer decided to put me in the detention room where they place criminals.

Foto del día 17-09-13 a la(s) 12.24 #2

With the refusal note and the deportation notice.

Once I understood the complexity of my situation, I realized they were considering me a criminal, and all the time i was asking them, why am I here??, please let me know, they never answer anything to me.

I was very very worried, they started to make some inspections on me, in part, the reason I was colombian forced them to make a very deep inspetion on me, they opened my bag, my stuffs and after a 40 minutes checking where they broke some stuff, including my cheburashka, the broke it to see if there was drugs, they took me to a examination office, they told me, we need you to be naked, and I said why? please no, I don’t want, not in front of you!!! I want a woman or a doctor, and they say is there not any option, you can be deported if you don’t cooperate, in the most humiliating way you can imagine these guys that were talking between them in chinese rude things about me, I understood almost all, and It was because they were talking in chinese and they thought because Im colombian Im not able to understand chinese.


After that they started touching my boobs, squeeze them because they say, that If I was a man, how could be I have real boobs, then they started touching and checking my penis, and After that the sexual abuse started, there are not to many things to say about this, my dignity was lost after that moment.

The entire treatment they were having with me was so offensive, humilliating, abusive, invasive, that i was crying without breathing, I was shocked, I couldn’t even understand all the things they were doing to me, the lack of humanity.

After this, they put me again in the Airport’s Jail, after hours I became desperated I told them, why you are not letting me to call my embassy, why you let these people (drug dealers, diamond traficants, prostitutes and criminals) call their embassies and relatives, but you are not letting me even to call my embassy? Why I’m different to them?, why you are treating me like shit?, my complains were so annoying that finally after 7 hours asking for a call, they gave me the opportunity to call once the embassy of Colombia at 3:50 PM, unfortunately the embassy closed at 4:00 PM so we couldnt solve my problem at all.

The time was coming, it was about to be 5;00 pm and my heart was pumping crazily, but something happened, in Chinese the officers were talking among them that the Taoyuan Airport was not able to receive me, so they were forced in this way to deport me to Colombia, my worst nightmare became true, as long as I was running away of the violence against me in Colombia so I started crying and crying and I was in shock.

At 6 pm I asked to the officer a restroom, and they in front of criminals, forced me to use the man restrooms, even though I was like Eliana, and my looking was 100% woman, and the woman restrooms were empty.

I was so offended, he said, you should go to the restrooms you passport said no the ones you want.

I couldn’t pee.

My desperation was transforming in pure sadness, and I was now facing the worst of the hells, the deportation to Colombia, deportation because I commited a crime, the crime of to be a Transgender person.

Constantly I was asking them, What is my crime?, What I did wrong?, is that Ilegal in Hong Kong to be transgender?, is Ilegal to be LGBT?, are you being discriminative with me?.

Surprisinly one of the officer answered to me, yes we are discriminating you. (like giving me with this a big Shut up)

Unbelievable, they had even the impudence to tell me in the face that they were discriminating me!.

9pm I couldnt hold much more my pee, but I refuse to use the male restroom.

I finally pissed my clothing.

When the police was distracted finally I could turn on my cellphone, and opening my cellphone to the option on international roaming, I could have a very low signal but I send one picture and asked for Help, my messages scaled up for facebook so quick, that in few minutes, the LGBT Human Right Organization Hong Kong Rainbow, talked immediatly to the Airport officers and in less than 20 minutes, the officers were stoping my deportation temporarly.

They let me go, with only 4 days of stay, without any stamp and with the refusal note, which means that my stay in Hong Kong was semi-illegal, so whenever in the street i could face the fear of deportation.

I was forced to pay in one night of hotel, all the money I had with me was finished because of that, but finally the LGBT community “Hong Kong Rainbow” got me at 10am in the hotel and saved me from all the problems I was facing.

Right now, I am at Rainbow of Hong Kong

Here they gave me all the possible things for solving my illegal status in Hong Kong including lawyers, and after visiting a christian action NGO, we booked several appointments with different Human Right Lawyers, also they brought me to the UN to ask for asylum, as long as my life was actually in high risk.

Now I have the protection of the UN as asylum seeker, but this situation of being a AS is afecting me so much, I can not come back to Taiwan, and I can not work in Hong Kong, I will have about 1200 HKD (15o USD) per month for accommodation and daily life, and food each 10 days.

My fears starting to grow when I found that I was facing the interruption of my medical treatment because the cost of my treatment was about 15000 NTD ( 500 USD) and with that amount of money, and the denial of any kind of work my life could be even in risk as long as Ive been using GnHr Inhibitors, and the dumping effect produced by the surprising suppression could increase the risk of cardiovacular diseases and cancer and hyperplasy,

My stay in Hong Kong is going to be at least 6 months. As long as they solve my status as refugee, and they find the way of ask for asylum in some place. So coming back to Taiwan was something I couldnt consider now, and as the UN officers said, you should chose whether to be safe, and out of risk, loosing one year of University or facing the deportation as the only way to solve your identity issues, in a country clearly your life is in risk.

They were right, my safety is more important.

Today, I really need to bring from Taiwan my last dossage of medication, and also my stuff, because Im actually living in very poors conditions without even a bed, so with my things, my clothes and my bed sheets at least I can make more comfortable my stay in Hong Kong.

I dont have any money, but I’m safe, sad, but safe, and proud of being my self.

I will miss Taiwan, but finally I can not come back to Taiwan. My life and my safety now is a priority.

I will miss you guys, and all the wonderful people I met there.

My heart is completely broken now.

5 thoughts on “The worst of the nightmares became true.

  1. De veras que me quedo con la boca abierta de todo lo que te paso, amor y la verdad como lo siento mucho que te haya pasado esta tragedia. Y tienen razon que tu vida y tu seguridad ahorita mismo es mucho mas importante que perder un anyo de uni. Se que eres una chica muy inteligente y vas a lograr recibirte de la uni aunque sea un poquito tarde. De eso estoy muy seguro.

    La verdad me da coraje que esos desgraciados de inmigracion te hicieron eso. Me da ganas de urggg….nadie se mete con mi angel. Pero la justicia los pondra en su lugar ya que el karma va a venir a darles una leccion.

    Pero en el lado positivo, ahora tienes no solamente el apoyo de la ONG, familia, amigos, y yo, si no tambien de las NU que estoy convencido que estan tomando tu caso en serio. Sabes que de mi parte, cuentas con mi apoyo y con mi ayuda.

    Espero todo este bien, y estaremos en contacto pronto. Te quiero mucho, mi Eli ❤


  3. Oiga engendro travesti ni se le ocurra volver, que no la deporten, ya se
    largo, ya nos hizo el favorcito, que deportacion ni que mierda, quedese halla
    maldita marica

  4. All blessings to you. May you find a path to be free and safe. May you shine and blossom away from brainless brats, who just wanna be okay with their “righteous” beliefs, and not with the world around. You will prevail in the end and if you’re not prevailing then it is not the end. Peace

  5. I need to point out that from most of what I have read here, you are an incredible young woman who is going to achieve more than the goals you have set out for yourself! You truly are incredible and your life has truly begun and you will continue to flourish!

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