The complexity of my thesis can definitely describe the complexity of my heart.

By itself the topic of my thesis is already very complex: resilience engineering, complex adaptive systems and complex system, including the integrative and complex models that provide enough complexity to my thesis, but now, when I have not finishing learning English I must to present the main concepts my thesis in Chinese!


Anyway, I know is very difficult, but I must adapt to these conditions (this is actually the deffinition of an adaptive system), I must be smart, I know I never will finish to learn this language but, I hope that these linguistic challenges can make me a more resilient person.

There will be always crisis, challenges and complexities in my life, what I really need to do is to take all these elements no matter its nature and transform my self positively, as the psychological resilience says.

Psychological Resilience: It is the universal human capacity to cope with life’s adversities, to overcome them an even more be transformed positively by them (Munist and ots., 1998).

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